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Who doesn’t enjoy treating themselves to a touch of luxury?  Discover the art of sleeping beneath the PRINZESSIN 800.  First class down from the best provinces and super-fine, high-grade Mako-batiste ensure you have a sleep fit for royalty.

Super fine maco batiste, 100% cotton

100% goose down from Pommerania

Bramscher Tuch

  • Please ventilate regularly and avoid direct sunlight.

  • A gentle shake every so often helps distribute the down evenly.

  • Avoid using down duvets to sit or lie on for longer periods.

  • For long-term store use the cotton bag and store in a dry place.

  • Clean every 2 – 4 years by following the instructions on the care label.

Bramscher Tuch

„Bramscher Tuch“ is the sum of high-quality raw materials, fine yarns and exclusive fabric finishing.

100% goose down from Pommerania

Down is a particularly high-quality natural material, which requires a lot of sensitivity during processing.

Super fine Maco batiste, 100% cotton

Maco Cotton as the basis fort he finest batiste in different degrees of fineness.

Cleaning & Care

Please pick the warmth category to match your needs.  You can also learn more about warmth category here.

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